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Tips for Buying Smart Face Masks

Wearing face masks is now becoming common due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has terrorized the entire globe. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), putting on the masks appropriately is vital for containing the corona-virus’s spread. But wearing the covers can become uncomfortable after sometime hindering proper breathing. It may also make it difficult to converse or talk on the phone, making people take them off or pull them below the mouth. This risks the wearers because they will be exposed when not adequately covered.

Luckily, smart masks like MaskFone are now on sale, and they feature earbuds and a built-in microphone to make the voice more audible and are more comfortable. You can listen to music using the earbuds hence be entertained as you go about your work. You also do not have to remove the mask to receive calls.

Below are some of the things to consider when buying smart face masks:

The Material of the Cover

the material of the coverSince the masks are primarily for ensuring protection from disease-causing microorganisms like the coronavirus and others, the cover material is critical. You need to get one with a good quality material that will offer maximum protection and allow you to breathe. Some of the best smart masks come with pockets to allow the replacement of the filters, and users can use FFP2 /N95 and PM2.5 filters, which are best known for offering maximum protection.

The Price

the priceWhile smart masks are a relatively new technology, you do not have to pay abnormal and unrealistic prices for them. You need to compare prices across several shops or online vendors and choose the reasonably priced one. You also need to check for the justification of any selling above the price in most stores. It may be that the masks have better features.

The Battery Life

Because you need to stay with your mask on for protection and at the same time enjoy music using its earbuds, which happens from the linking of the mask and some apps, you need a good battery. Fortunately, you can get good batteries to allow you playback of up to 12 hours after recharging. That is a reasonable battery life because it can let you to charge the mask’s battery at home and then recharge in the evening when you get back home. That way, you will be protected throughout from the dangers.…