Safety Measures that Vapers Should Observe

Vaping may be generally safe when e-liquids do not have harmful ingredients such as nickel, tin, lead, diacetyl, and other volatile compounds. Nicotine, which is the primary reason why tobacco smokers are shifting to vaping, can be avoided by choosing e-liquids that are nicotine-free. When all of these substances are not present in a vape juice, then there is one potential source of harm, and that is the vape battery.

All vape batteries are unlike other AA batteries that can withstand external conditions. They are more delicate and can even explode just with contact with metals such as your keys or loose coins. Knowing how fragile your vape batteries are, you must be able to observe precautionary measure when handling them such as:

vapeBe Wary of Counterfeits

Patronize batteries that you have been using before. It is not advisable to try new brands of batteries knowing that vape batteries are prone to explode on the slightest change of conditions. Always check on the integrity of the battery if it is a bona fide product of a reputable vape battery manufacturer.

To be able to detect counterfeits, you should know the right battery for your vape mod. Always check on the specifications so you will be getting batteries that are compatible with your vape.

Check on the Integrity of the Battery

Buy batteries with intact wraps. When wraps are not in their best conditions after using them, some wrappers are available in the market, or you may look for ways to cover your vape batteries properly. And if your vape uses two batteries, use the same brand of batteries to ensure compatibility with your vape mode.

Observe Charging Precautions

vape liquidAlthough you can charge batteries directly through your vape, using a dedicated vape battery charger is the better option. Explosion of batteries may be prevented as chargers are designed for that purpose. And if the battery explodes, you can spare your vape from damage which is far more expensive than the charger.

When you think your battery is near empty, charge immediately. Do not over-drain batteries as it may not be able to take the rush of electricity and may explode upon plugging. You should always attend to your batteries while charging. Chargers may overheat when plugged for several hours.

Properly Store, Dispose, and Recycle Used Batteries

When storing vape batteries, encase it in a plastic container and place it in a cool area away from the reach of children. Old batteries should be disposed with extreme caution. It may be more advisable to recycle them but with extra care.…