Choosing the right gazebo for your garden can be fun. The material will determine the style of your gazebo. There are plenty of styles, colors, sizes, and designs available in the market.

However, you can customize your gazebo to suit your needs. For a classic look, you can decorate your gazebo with outdoor lights and climbing plants that will match your garden furniture.

The Size

A spacious gazebo is all everyone wants. The size will be determined by how much space you have in your garden. Measure the area where you would like to place your gazebo. You can customize the size of the gazebo using the measurements of your space.

For an intimate gathering, a small gazebo of 2 by 2M will be perfect. If you want to host an event, go for a bigger one preferably a 4.5 by 3M or more. You can also opt for a standard gazebo with a measure of 3 by 3M.



The quality of your gazebo matters, it will determine the durability. For people who prefer a more traditional and aesthetic appearance, a wooden gazebo will blend well. The timber structure should be perfect for relaxation. They are made of treated pine or smooth planed latch. With a wooden gazebo, you can paint the timber to give a different look.

Vinyl is less aesthetic than wood and needs high maintenance. A metal; aluminum, steel, cast iron gazebos are good for any shape and size. Metal is relatively cheap compared to wood and stone. Metal offers resistance to weather elements such as sun or rain. There is plenty of options when it comes to the design of a metal gazebo than wood. Polyester is waterproof and of better quality but very expensive.

Use and Functionality

gazebo with windowIt is important to know which gazebo will be suitable for your needs. There are many gazebos to choose from. Private gazebos can be used for family gatherings, birthday parties, barbecues, relaxing, kids’ play, work, etc. A gazebo for relaxing can have an inflated hot tub to create a luxurious spa in the garden.

A lounge gazebo should be spacious enough to fit your guests and family. A special gazebo can be customized for kids to be used as a play zone or craft. Commercial gazebos are used for activities such as market stalls, fairs, business events, workshops, etc. The size should be large and heavy-duty. They are very expensive compare to domestic gazebos.

Type of Gazebo

Know the type of gazebo suitable for your needs. There are freestanding gazebos, lean-to gazebos, pop up gazebos, and gazebo tents. Freestanding gazebos are mainly used for relaxation, they protect you from the sun and rain.

They do not require additional support they are more stand-alone. You can place it anywhere without leaning against a wall or any structure. Pop up gazebos are ideal for camping or temporary use, they protect from wind, rain, and UV rays.

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